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2008 Thank you

I would like to Thank the following people who made The 3nd Annual Film Industry mixer a big success.

A special thanks goes out to Alex Andriulli who was my right hand man. He was also the featured photographer and marketing director. Alex was a key assett to the success of the event. He attended countless meetings with me to help plan the event. The color coded badges were also created by Alex.

Venue: Palace Digital in South Norwalk was very supportive throughout the whole planning & production process from layout & lighting, and audio to purchasing great food and wine, to promoting the event. Big Thanks to Chris Campbell, Wendy Lambert, Deb Ryan, and Ben Churchhill. Thanks to the Palace interns Duncan for pouring wine and Tyler for production assistants. Ben Churchhill did the amazing lighting job.

Sponsors: We had several types of sponsors. All of them played an important supportive role.

Financial Sponsors: Our biggest financial sponsor was CSB (CT School of Broadcasting). I would like to thank K-dub (campus coordinator and Hot 93.7 on air personality) for the CSB hook up, John Sheatsley (Campus Director), and Eric Whooley (CSB Regional Director). Kostin, Rufkess, and Company, LLC was our gold sponsor led by Mathew Nick, with members Peter Askham and John Lanza. Reno Ventura of the Actors Gym was our silver sponsor. Thanks for your financial support and help getting the word out.

Equipment Sponsors: Our equipment sponsors were HB Group. Don Guzauckas, Jr. was pleasant to work with and very professional. HB Group took the time to do a walk through weeks in advance and provided us with hundreds of video cable and Three 50 inch plasmas for viewing the three production areas live, and 2 stand alone 42 inch plasmas with dvd player for people to show their work on. Shoreline AV provided all audio equipment with 1000 feet of audio cable, 3 mixers, and microphones for our panels and performers. Robert Tomaso from Spotlight on Connecticut helped out with audio for VIP Interviews and helped promote the event on their show.

Promotional Sponsors: Organizations that help spread the word about the mixer are so crucial. These organizations and groups of people with similar interest are the glue that brings people together to form the collaborations and help build the teams neccessary to bring projects to fruition. Please visit their websites.
Laurie Hodges and Asa Fish from Cubed Squared for Goodie Bag Sponsors
Chuck Slavin of (New England Talent and Crew)
Mike Ryan of (Rhode Island Film Collaborative)
Alec Asten, Nick Checker, and Bill Hammel of SECT Film (South Eastern Connecticut Film)
Keith Larson of Digital ConnTent Creators (former CT Final cut pro user group Pres)
Don Bertrand and Tom Lassu of Film Synergy
Gulnar Jefferies and Steven Washer of the Media Commuincations Association (MCA-I Connecticut)
I would also like to thank kHyal of FIZZ Marketing and Karl of Creative Placement located next door to Palace for getting the word out and purchasing tickets for all their employees.

Audio & Video Promotional Sponsors: People who donated their local and national celebrityinism to promote the event through video, writing, and voice over talents.
Lisa Landry - #3 ranked on Comedy Centrals Stand up Showdown 2007, Premium Blend, and Comedy Central presents. Show some love for Lisa. She is a sweetheart and very talented.
Jim Masters - CPTV Host and WELI on air radio host and national voice over talent.
Nick Checker - Writer of "Lord of the Reels" Promo
Andrew Montessi - National Theatrical release voice over talent and voice of "Lord of the Reels" Promo

Promotional Team: Bryan Hickey, Luigi Guarda, and Brandon Upson contacted thousands through social networks to help get the word out.

Preproduction Team: Wednesday, June 18th was sponsor bag stuffing night. It flew by with help from Al Signore, Carol Wojtowicz, Alex Andriulli, Luigi Guarda, Bryan Hickey, and Brandon Upson.

Badges Team: A big Thanks to Whendi Cook who transfered over 300 names, companies, and titles to the badges. Alex Andriulli went the extra mile and color coded all the badges to enhance the networking experience.

Production Design Team: Bill Burke built the amazing 16 foot 3D Hollywood East Model that graced the stage and made a great backdrop for Pictures. Liz Cippolina decorated the walls throughout Palace Digital to give you that party type atmosphere. Thanks Liz and Bill for your hard work. View Liz's Demo. Staging provided by Scott Sylvia of 354 films. Thanks to Sean Ireland, Scott Sylvia, & Joe Sylvia for help setting up and breaking down Staging.

Food & Beverages: Catering Terri Morrison came through again with a nice spread of food and beverages.
Carol Wojtowicz poured fine wine upstairs as a representative from the Traveling Vineyard. Call Carol if you would like to host your own wine tasting party. 860-543-0759

Invited Guests: A Huge Thanks to all the VIP Interviewers, interviewees, panelists, and performers who took time out of their schedule to share their talents with those attending. Please visit updated .

Help grow the film industry mixer each year by joining our committee. Email Neal at [email protected]

See you next Year!!

Neal Thomassen - Executive Producer
Alex Andriulli - Producer

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