2012 Film Industry Mixer
LA Comedy Festival

partnership with LA Comedy Festival and CT Film Festival
Friday, February 24 - Sunday, February 26

351 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT

The Film Industry Mixer teams up with the LA Comedy Festival and the Connecticut Film Festival to bring you a full weekend of laughter, panels, and networking. This years FIM is a hybrid with most of the credit going to Tom Carruthers of the CT Film Festival and to the Directors of the LA Comedy Festival. Although not a regular FIM event, we find that you will enjoy the atmosphere, the panels and the comedy shorts.

Film Schedule followed by Workshop & Panel Schedule

Friday, February 24th (Films)

2:00 pm          As Seen on TV - Shorts Block | 90 min.
screens with...VCR Into Cash | Jeremy Rowley,  Hip | Michael Livingston, Conversation on a Bench | Ross Howieson, Ashy to Classy | Donnell Rawlings & David Mathis,  It's Elementary! Gardening with Marty Chang Genius Improv School | Jake West, WROARF Public Service Announcement | David Paul Meyer, Undocumented Worker: The Audition | Joshua Funk, Bixby Gets a Ticket | James Roddy, Elephant Larry Presents "The WOW" | Alexander Zalben

4:00 pm          Boys, Toys & Goys - Shorts Block | 90 min.
screens with... Withstand One Night | Ryan Sage, A Date With Diana | Matthew Weiss,  Try Hard | David Gaw, Sexual Organs/Mega Racist,  White Man 2 | Scott Caswell,  The Man Who Married Himself | Garrick Hamm, The Softest Touch | Bill Schaumberg, Karl Mulberry | Lorne Hiltser

Friday Night Bash – East Vs West - Show Us Your Best Shorts
6:00 pm Welcome Reception
7:00pm LACS - Male Pattern Badness Shorts Block | 90 min. screens with: Chris Weisberg is Growing Bald | Payman Benz, 52 | Josh Levy 2010, Ninja Sex Party - The Decision | Jim Turner
Jordan and Quinn | Jordan VanDina, The Future-er | P.M.Baird, Matumbo, Goldberg/Atom.com | Rob Pearlstein & Atom.com
8:00pm CT Comedy Shorts | 30min.
9:00pm LACS “Commie” Award Presentation – Comedy Writer Mike Reiss will receive LACS Coveted “Commie” For his brilliant career in comedy writing and production in film, television and theater
9:15pm East Vs West Comedy Industry Bash
Sponsored by Some Things Fishy Catering and Thomas Hooker Beer.

Saturday, February 25th (Films)

11:00 am         Best Of The 2009 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival | 90 min.
Daryl From OnCar, I Own You, Distraxion,  The Deposition of Lou Bagetta:
A Bit of Counseling,  Swear Police: Captain Coulier, The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

1:00 pm          Armageddon' Hungry!  - Shorts Block | 90 min.
screens with... The Good Neighbor | Jacob Vaughan,  The Interview | Michelle Steffes 2011,  A Chicken Commercial | Paul Thomas, Zoltan: The Hungarian Gangster of Love | Justin Reardon,  How to Lose Weight in 60 Seconds | Dave Carter,  The Meter Reader Project | Ramsey Mellette,  You Move Me | Gina Hirsch 2010, Mr. Chan: Misunderstood Man | Dan Lee,  The Zombie Monologues | Andrew Lane

3:00 pm          Better Than Birth Control - Shorts Block | 90 min.
screens with... Kidwalker | Doug Roland, Bobby Visits the Library | Eric Krasner 2009, Boffin & Boffin | Ed Blythe, The Office Orphan | David Lilley, The Unborn Identity | Henrik Horgen, Dates on Tape | Chris Lagarce, What Up Little Kid | Ramiro Castro Jr., All American Tooles | M. David Melvin

5:00 pm          Shut Your Wormhole - Shorts Block | 90 min.
screens with... The Antagonist | Jessie McCormack 2009, Time Freak | Andrew Bowler, Douglas | William Philbin, Beam Me Up, Mr. Chan | Dan Lee, When The Wind Changes | Alethea Jones, 2010 Make Everyday Christmas | Jonathan Bekemeier, Glass Dogs | Christian Davis, Six, Nine | Lisa Schurga, Mikey Day, Sudden Death! | 2010

Film Industry Mixer Night – Honors Connecticut Film & Comedy
6:30 pm          Welcome Reception
image87:30 pm          Stone-Cold Busted - Shorts Block | 90 min.
screens with...0507 | The Blaine Brothers, Facebook Ruins Job Interview, Inside Out | Jim Serpico, Mr. Ross | Mitch Magee, Appy Ever After | Rupert Le Poer Trench, Suiker | Jeroen Annokk"e, Real Online Reviews Presents "The Secret" | Keith Ogren
dik | Christopher Stollery 2010, Winking Boy | Alan King, With or Without U2 | Isabel Fay & Lee York

9:00 pm          Film Industry Mixer Night – Honors LACS Filmmakers & Comedy
After enjoying an evening of hysterical shorts and comedians, rub elbows with a cocktail in one hand and crack jokes with the other, next to some very funny peeps at The Film Industry Mixer hosted by FIM (Film Industry Mixer), sponsored by Some Things Fishy Catering and Thomas Hooker Beer.


Sunday, February 26th (Films)

11:00 am         Best Of The 2010 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival | 90 min.
The Action Hero's Guide To Saving Lives | Justin Lutsky , Traffic Signals | Lori Elberg, Rimshot | Kirk Diedrich , Jones' Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage | Pedro Castro , Bun in the Oven | Gary Anthony Williams, Laura Merians, Jeannie Roshar , Sex Ed | Ryan Gould , Expiration | Dir: Mark , Blood from a Stone | Bill Palmer , Dwight David Honeycutt for Conway School Board | Roland Honeycutt Jr. , A Short Film | Rick Williamson, It Ain't Easy | Ryan Coopersmith, Charles Muzard , Dragon Slayerz! | Todd Strauss-Schulson

1:00 pm          Mo' Money, Mo' Ninjas  - Shorts Block | 90 min.
screens with... Ninja Sex Party- If We Were Gay | Jim Turner, Boom Boom | Larry &, Terry Ziegelman, Humane Resources | Jessica Townsend, Love Is Retarded | Bill Escudier 2010, The Eggie Files | Snehal Patel, Cover Me | Tim Wilkerson, Ninjas in the Shed | Jave Galt-Miller

3:00 pm          Fish & Chicks - Shorts Block | 90 min.
screens with... Fish Without a Bicycle | Dan Susman, A Cock Tale | Greg Bro, Something Fishy | Kristy Best 2010, Here's What I Like: Fashion and Flowers. And, Now I'll Tell You Why | Abigail Zealey Bess, Cataplexy | John Salcido 2010, Holdup | Ruha, Aprile 2010, Men At Work | Josh Dragotta, The Rooster | Eli Gonda

5:00 pm          Liars and Tigers and Bears - Shorts Block | 90 min.
screens with... The Fightin' Guy Lady Tigers of St. Barry High | Dirk Voetberg, Gavin Fisher, Dirk Voetberg, Trigger Happy | Sinohui Hinojosa, Food Chain | Erik Moe & Ivo Knezevic, Guaranteed Sex | Torrey Meeks, High Kittie: You Log | Gary Doodles
Practical | Jesse Shapiro, Bear Force One | Andy Mogren

7:00pm           The Last Of The Lubricant Reception & Closing Night Celebrity Shorts Block | 90 min.
Network with a final glass of wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverage and get set some Celeb shorts.
7:30 pm           Celebrity Shorts Block | 90 min. (featuring Funny or Die)
4 Pounds | Josh Levy 2010, Bad Dads | Derek Westerman, Sometimes Pretty Girls | Jeannie Roshar, Gary Anthony Williams, DILF | Geoff Edwards, The Adoption Agency | Nick Psinakis, Turning Japanese | Paul Bickel, Funny or Die Shorts | FunnyOrDie.com


Saturday, February 25th (Workshops & Panels)

10:00am          Panel: If You Want Something Done 'Write'... Panel | 90 min.
Mike Reiss  - Simpsons, Queer Duck
Jacques Lamarre – Varla Jean & The Mushroom Heads
Jeannie Rochar - LA Comedy Shorts FF,
Gary Anthony Williams - LA Comedy Shorts FF, Boston Legal

11:30am          Working Lunch Round Tables - Beverages Provided  | 60 min
Bag it or buy it ($15.00 gourmet box lunch) Exchange ideas on several topics and your latest creations. Mandatory: Bring some extra Yodels and Ring Dings to share with your neighbor. The tables are square but the conversation won’t be, and the one with the best lunch box wins. 3-4 topics will be thrown out to start the discussion. No reporting to the room, post notes and ideas from the discussions share, steal and swap sandwiches and ideas.
Box Lunches For Sat. Workshops Must Be Pre-Ordered Online By 12pm Feb 23rd
Grab a gourmet box lunch from Executive Chef Michael Bick's "Some Things Fishy Catering". The company, discussions and beverages are free. But....there is no free lunch. MUST BE ORDERED by Thursday, Feb 23rd 12:00pm

12:30pm         From Paper to Production  Panel | 90 min
Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or a beginner, in 90 minutes, our experienced pros will walk you through an outline that will help guarantee your future success and call on each others experiences to help you avoid typical stumbling blocks.
•           FINANCING
Kelly Frazier – Wild Catter Films – LA Comedy Shorts
Marty Lang – CT Film Industry Training Program, Rising Star

2:15pm           Workshop – Get Social With Your Media Marketing | 90 min
Take 90 minutes out of your life to fine tune and become more fluent in your social media marketing ability. We know that you thought you knew it all. This intense workshop will get you that much closer to social media bliss. SM Guru: Maria Miranda of Miranda Creative will fill in the holes, show you many tricks of the trade and turn you on to numerous apps, gadgets and tools to market your next project and optimize your valuable time.
Maria Miranda - Miranda Creative Marketing

4:00pm   Let's Get Digital, Digital …Flex Your Digital Muscles
Roundtable | 90 min
You mean people really make money from putting their videos online? Yes, yes they do. Monetizing that baby, ROI and all those other business jargon sayings. join this 90 minute Round Table discussion where everyone shares their nuggets of knowledge along with our panels and their examples of what's currently working and what's not in this emerging area.
Panelists TBA
Rino Venturi – Actors Gym
Norm Golden - 50 To Death.com
Sib Law – Founder, TangoDango Network




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